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J's mom
New school year
Sat Sep 8, 2012 19:08

Hi- I am looking for suggestions and guidance.

H just turned 12 last week, where does the time go? We are still homeschooling and J is using CTY for math, science and computer classes. I have yet to find a program that works for Language Arts/English, History or Art.

I am considering using Meet The Masters for Art/Art History this year. Does ANYONE have feedback on this program. MTM is online and pretty much self paced learning from the kiddo's standpoint. *I* would be find with using MTM and counting that as art and history both.

We did a move to the midwest/east this summer that didn't work out so we are back in the southwest again. I'm more than willing to count the travel as 'history' and 'geography' since we did spend time seeing things and learning as we went. Needless to say the past 4-5 months have been a huge adjustment for the both of us.

I learned that if J isn't happy, no one is happy. I also remembered why I left the midwest and how much I dislike my family.

J is back on swim team and loves it. We are sitting out theater this time and waiting to see how competitive swim gets.

I also am looking for recommendations on plain old quasi- teen fiction for a newly minted 12 yr old. He likes mysteries, funny stories, stories with something to 'solve' in them. In the past couple weeks he has devoured the Mary Downing Hahn series and Peg Kehret, and others. Of course our boxes of books are still back 'east'. - Insert huge sigh

Anyone who has navigated age 12 with a HG/PG child - PLEASE HELP. This week has been especially trying.

Thanks :)

    • Re: New school yeardnasmom, Sun Sep 9 19:27
      No history suggestions, but wanted to say I am sorry your plans to move did not work out. Hope that being back in the southwest turns out to be a great thing. I have found it hard to find books for... more
    • HistoryDinky's Mom, Sun Sep 9 13:05
      Wish I could give you and easy answer to History and Lit. I just spent a week organizing 2 textbooks we ran across, one for World History (pretty simple but broad) and a High School British... more
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