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Dinky's Mom
Sun Sep 9, 2012 13:05

Wish I could give you and easy answer to History and Lit. I just spent a week organizing 2 textbooks we ran across, one for World History (pretty simple but broad) and a High School British Literature teachers Annotated text book(for expansion of history and get HS credit for Lit.)

Check out Great Courses Catalog. We found a Science I really like that comes with the professors lecture. Plus I picked up the professors text book for depth (interesting and challenging).

As far as books, Dinky has been taken with the whole Pendragon series (talked DH into reading it as well)
She liked Scott Westerfields book about future societies, the Uglies, Prettie & Specials (don't be fooled by the titles, there are boy hero's in it...They are sci-fi and good!) Plus she has liked some other stuff of his, as well.
She liked Flushed, Hoot, Scratch. etc.
CTY had her read the Time Travelers- book one of the Gideon Trilogy & the London Eye Mystery.
Of course there are the Hunger Game series as well.
I really liked Savvy and Scumble, (more coming of age books but funny and quirky)

She loved Gregor the overlander
the Maze Runner series (graphic in my opinion.)
The Looking Glass Wars was another series she ate up.(again too graphic for my taste.)

We may be in your area visiting, we'll have to chat.

Good luck. :)

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