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Boo and Racer's Mom
Pet Peeve!
Thu Oct 4, 2012 10:52

Hi Everyone! I miss being active in this group and will try to share and respond more. Health issues have kept me "down", for a while. I am finally starting to get back into a decent groove.

This morning, I came across an email that irked me, and I need to vent a bit. To summarize, the email is from a person with and advanced degree in child education, who happens to be a very active and vocal in one of the homeschooling groups my family is in. In this email, she makes a host of generalizations regarding children's cognative abilities. The basic premise is that any child who knows or learns X before a set time really doesn't *know* it and is just parroting back information. Information that must have been drilled into them (based on the implications set forth in the email) that will cause them to hate X subject and fall behind their peers.

My irritation comes from the fact that she, regularly, shares that she is an "expert" in education, child development, etc., but never does she share any exceptions or acknowledgements that all kids are not the same, and that some may in fact, truly, grasp concepts well ahead of their age-mates or the conventional norm.

I have trouble wrapping my noodle around the fact that so many homeschoolers I know do so because their children have unique needs, etc. and yet, just go along when someone makes sweeping generalizations that discount differences.

Now, I'm going to have to post something to the group! Well, as soon, as I've had more coffee and am able to put forth a response that exuded level-headedness and not the irritation I'm feeling.

Thanks for letting me vent!

    • feel your pain.Dinky's Mom, Mon Oct 8 10:57
      I remember running across a group of teachers who had just been to a 'gifted' conference. I asked them what was the newest research and what did I need to know... 30 min. later they suggested that... more
    • Re: Pet Peeve!Crystal, Thu Oct 4 12:20
      Just remember that you will be posting for the benefit of the exceptions, not to get through to this individual. She's not going to change her mind until she has a personal experience that forces her ... more
      • Re: Pet Peeve!J's mom, Fri Oct 5 19:15
        Hugs. I've been there. I think your experience its part of the reason we've dropped out of HS groups for the most part. J is to an age where he is able to take 'classes' and programs and the need for ... more
        • Crystal and J's momMizzouMommy, Sat Oct 6 21:39
          Thanks for the suggestions. I responded to the group in a way that I hope clarifies and acknowledges that there are exceptions, while encouraging acceptance of those differences in a positive way. At ... more
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