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J's mom
Re: Pet Peeve!
Fri Oct 5, 2012 19:15

Hugs. I've been there. I think your experience its part of the reason we've dropped out of HS groups for the most part. J is to an age where he is able to take 'classes' and programs and the need for a homeschool group has died a slow painful death.

I'm going to be honest, even 'gifted' teachers don't get it. Psychologists don't get it. Unless you are forced to deal with a child who is that 1%,(or 1/10%) you can not understand what 'life' is like.

We all know there is a huge difference between HG and PG, but explaining that to the average person is darn near impossible. *but if I explain its similar to putting kids with an IQ of 75 and 45 in the same room THEN they get it.

Nothing is smooth sailing but I hope your day and week gets better. HUGS!!

  • Re: Pet Peeve!Crystal, Thu Oct 4 12:20
    Just remember that you will be posting for the benefit of the exceptions, not to get through to this individual. She's not going to change her mind until she has a personal experience that forces her ... more
    • Re: Pet Peeve! — J's mom, Fri Oct 5 19:15
      • Crystal and J's momMizzouMommy, Sat Oct 6 21:39
        Thanks for the suggestions. I responded to the group in a way that I hope clarifies and acknowledges that there are exceptions, while encouraging acceptance of those differences in a positive way. At ... more
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