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Sun Oct 7, 2012 21:25

i have not been here in a long time. a long, long, long time. i was reminded tonight of places that had helped me in the past, with my kid ( now KIDS ) and thought i would peek in...and how nice to see some familiar names.

i am not even sure what my old *name* was...i go by my real name now, pretty much:) but i had a little guy, jake, who is now a big guy. he is 16.5 now...he was probably 8 when i found this board initially. i also have holly ( 13 ) and we were surprised a few years ago by a long given up hoped for pregnancy that resulted in alex, who is now 4:).

we have moved from our rural home in ontario, back home to the big city of montreal...basically for a mid life adventure and much better school options for our kids. the two oldest are in a fabulous, tiny private school where they are thriving and the littlest is in a local german school ( a total fluke and best find ever ).

our big guy was recently re assessed for cegep and university ( required to extend his IEP into post secondary institutions ) found out that he is indeed exactly the same kid, with the same strengths ( and weaknesses! ) he had when he was initially identified in grade three. a very cool process, with a now completely self aware teen.

so, all that to say hi:).

i may stay for awhile...this was always an interesting place for me and i am happy to know it is still here.

oh...and i have had the great luck to actually parlay my passion into a growing career so i will share my blog as well in the other thread ( although it has been quiet as late as i have been traveling and working ). it is not about my kids but they do make regular appearances:).

happy thanksgiving to my canadian friends -


    • welcome backdnasmom, Wed Oct 17 08:29
      This board has been a bit slow lately, but hopefully things will pick up. Glad you have found a great fit in your move.
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