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Good Gifted Programs
Mon Oct 8, 2012 19:19

My daughter used to be in her gifted program at her public school. They met once a week in the junior high (the were middle schoolers). Now that she's in junior high the gifted program is done, because of advanced classes. I feel like she's not being pushed by just taking all advanced classes. She's acing them all, and doesn't even study for half her tests anymore. Is that a bad gifted program? I was wondering off there were any good one's in a public school? I'm thinking full time. She has a very good memory and is very smart, so I feel like she could do much more. I almost think it would be good to have one like on that Disney show, one where she does high school work and is around other gifted kids.

    • Re: Good Gifted ProgramsCrystal, Tue Oct 9 10:50
      Middle school/junior high can be a poor time to judge. It's such a difficult and rather ugly time socially. A lot of smart kids lose their academic focus. A kid who is still engaged and doing the... more
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