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Re: Good Gifted Programs
Tue Oct 9, 2012 10:50

Middle school/junior high can be a poor time to judge. It's such a difficult and rather ugly time socially. A lot of smart kids lose their academic focus. A kid who is still engaged and doing the work has a high probability of acing their classes gifted or not.

Personally, gifted programs have offered us very little. Between the two kids we've had gifted clusters, full GATE classes, pull-outs, highly gifted tracks and heavy enrichment (like foreign language immersion, early engineering, ect.) DS did like the elementary pull-out but it wasn't what helped the classroom situation. Outside of that, they found gifted programming frustrating and slow due to the constant interruption and argument (and let me say, my kids LOVE discussion... what they hate is pointless argument and time wasting.) Getting differentiation was easier and more effective in the advanced/honors classes because the kid in it were less disruptive. In the end, my kids got what they needed by having excellent teachers in flexible schools that allowed them to have full-grade acceleration and subject acceleration when needed.

You don't say how your DD is feeling about school. I admit, in middle school, we really worried less about academics and more about just getting them through still happy and engaged. It's a good time for extra-curriculars and my kids did/are doing a whole lot during the middle school years.

So, long way of saying, for my kids, advanced/honors classes have been far more beneficial than gifted classes. It fits them better personality wise and they have been able to work at higher levels than they have within the gifted programs they've been involved with.

  • Good Gifted ProgramsAnonymous, Mon Oct 8 19:19
    My daughter used to be in her gifted program at her public school. They met once a week in the junior high (the were middle schoolers). Now that she's in junior high the gifted program is done,... more
    • Re: Good Gifted Programs — Crystal, Tue Oct 9 10:50
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