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J's mom
for dinky - and her mom
Sun Oct 28, 2012 02:58

It sounds like Dinky is having a fun year. I'm glad things are coming together! Can your mom call my mom and explain that you just can NOT enroll a child like this in the 6th grade down at the local school... PLEASE?? (as I continue to bang my head on the desk)

I truly am glad you guys are having some calm this year. Keep up the good work. {{{ hugs}}}

  • my momDinky's Mom, Sat Oct 27 16:53
    I know my mother has shared the same issue with me. Though I have to say that recently when my extended family when to my mother and wanted to know if I was 'ever' going to put Dinky (age 11) back in ... more
    • for dinky - and her mom — J's mom, Sun Oct 28 02:58
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