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Re: Grandmothers
Mon Oct 29, 2012 16:34

As parents, it's part of our duty to keep our kids grounded and humble. We can be frustrated by the inability to share our children with others but in reality, whether they were gifted or not, we'd naturally be more cautious. Grandparents, released from that shackle, generally relish in shameless bragging. I have fantastic parents and in-laws. My own parents continue to be cautious largely because they are young (in their 50's) and many of their friends still have teenagers or young adults just starting college (while they have a 15-year-old grandchild in college.) My in-laws (in their 70's) just don't care. They just tell it like it is knowing most think they are exaggerating. Both sets are pretty shameless to the kids faces though.... which embarrasses my kids (but for which they secretly delight in that unabashed pride.)

The biggest grandparent complication for my in-laws is within the family actually. There are other gifted grandchildren but they've not had the opportunities that mine have had and they are struggling greatly with under-achievement in their 20's. There are also several adopted members who aren't gifted and come from different environments. They do a pretty good job of finding what makes each special though.

Anyway, welcome aboard. Personally, I look forward to grandparenting.... though not for at least 10 years!

  • GrandmothersOldtimer, Fri Oct 26 05:40
    I was wondering if it is ok for gramdmas to post on this sight. If so I would like to share experiences and also to gain knowledge when I have them over for a visit. I spend a lot of quality time... more
    • Re: Grandmothers — Crystal, Mon Oct 29 16:34
    • Thank youOldtimer, Sun Oct 28 09:41
      For your kind welcome. It is good to know I can post here on grandmotherly issues. I have four children and five grandchildren. The gc range from 13 yrs. to three weeks old. All very gifted,... more
    • my momDinky's Mom, Sat Oct 27 16:53
      I know my mother has shared the same issue with me. Though I have to say that recently when my extended family when to my mother and wanted to know if I was 'ever' going to put Dinky (age 11) back in ... more
      • for dinky - and her momJ's mom, Sun Oct 28 02:58
        It sounds like Dinky is having a fun year. I'm glad things are coming together! Can your mom call my mom and explain that you just can NOT enroll a child like this in the 6th grade down at the local... more
    • Re: GrandmothersJ's mom, Fri Oct 26 18:35
      I wish my mother would post on a site like this!!! WELCOME
    • Re: GrandmothersJoanBllt, Fri Oct 26 10:50
      I usually read everything here but the grandchildren are now almost midway thru the teens, I haven't posted much -since I can't add direct experience or educational challenges. When I have, the other ... more
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