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Boo and Racer's Mom
Re: Looking for Xmas ideas
Tue Nov 20, 2012 14:38

I don't know why, but this year seems particularly difficult in terms of gift ideas. Is it just me? My kids are ~7 (Racer) and his sister Boo (8.5). I might get Racer a MindStorms or some type of Robot computing creation/system. Right now he's happily teaching himself Python, C++, VB and vanilla HTML. We have a great book on Python that he's "eating up". Scratch and Alice are popular here, too.

Both kids are into graphic design and video creation and editing. I'm considering getting a better video camera for them to use. The latest craze has been clay-mation using only our digital camera. Thankfully, I have a large memory card for that device. Right now for graphic design they use pixlr.com. They have small personal video cameras, but they are cheap and as a result tend to act up often.

I considered getting them each new tablet, but I want a large 10" screen, removable keyboard and camera. I hoped that would be our 'wow' item. But, our budget just won't allow it for this year. The other big things on the list are a good piano keyboard for Boo (Racer, too, but she's been asking for years), Rock Climbing Club memberships (Racer's request)...

Beyond that we'll be picking up some small things, board games, etc. We'll be traveling a bit this next year - 3 weeks in Puerto Rico and Florida in mid 2013, and 6 to 8 weeks in Ireland, Scotland etc. in 2014. So we're saving up for that.

Oh we did consider getting a small soldering iron, circuit boards, etc. for the kids to try out some of their theories and designs on, but I think I'll wait one more year on that.

Well, maybe something here helped *spark* an idea for you.


  • Looking for Xmas ideasJ's mom, Wed Nov 14 17:00
    I have no creative ideas for J this year. He is 12. I'm looking for a 'wow' item. I can get him the usual: Legos, books, video games and gift cards. The second half of this year didn't exactly go as... more
    • Re: Looking for Xmas ideas — Boo and Racer's Mom, Tue Nov 20 14:38
      • No "wow" giftJ's mom, Wed Nov 21 14:16
        I guess there just isn't going to be that 'wow' gift and *I* the one that needs to get over it this year. I'm stalking amazon for DVD's. J still loves movies and probably always will. I'm stalking... more
        • bookDinky's Mom, Wed Nov 21 23:44
          Have you seen the DK book History of Britain? It's very very cool. checked out Half Priced books and found out they could ship one to us from another store in a different city...just a thought.
    • Re: Looking for Xmas ideasAnonymous, Sat Nov 17 09:23
      This is interesting. It's not for J or Dinky...but maybe you know someone who knows someone... http://www.upworthy.com/move-over-barbie-8212-youre-obsolete?g=4
    • christmas ideasDinky's Mom, Fri Nov 16 21:44
      I'm at a bit of a loss here as well. She did mention some game a friend had several years ago (4or 5) that you could move a ball using your mind...I think I remember the ads. Going to check it out.... more
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