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Dinky's Mom
gifted in the news
Sun Dec 16, 2012 13:15

I'm sure we are all profoundly sad about the tragedy this week, but as I carefully choose what information I'm reading about this event, I'm noticing the buzz about how smart (genius) the young man was who lost his way.
I have very mixed feeling about this image. I hope mental health issues can be imporved for so many, but I have such little faith in media that I'm wondering what spin they will put on highly gifted children who are homeschooled.
This board is always so careful to protect our own. I wonder who will speak positively about our children and our choices to give them the best we can.

On a happier note...I hope everyone has a very good holiday season.

    • gifted in the newsLori H., Sun Dec 16 20:29
      My son is 14. We have homeschooled since he finished kindergarten and was reading at a 5th grade level, doing math ahead of grade level, could memorize faster than most kids his age, and talked more... more
      • Re: gifted in the newsJ's mom, Mon Dec 17 21:35
        Lori- I'm sorry to hear your DS didn't heal with the brace. I remember your posts regarding the concerns. Hopefully surgery will be the answer for him. J is 12 and I am fighting to keep him... more
      • caringDinky's Mom, Sun Dec 16 20:53
        I remember watching your progress Lori. I'm sorry to hear that he's not in theater any more and that it's come down to surgery. I am also sorry your town does not have a nice support system. I never... more
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