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Lori H.
gifted in the news
Sun Dec 16, 2012 20:29

My son is 14. We have homeschooled since he finished kindergarten and was reading at a 5th grade level, doing math ahead of grade level, could memorize faster than most kids his age, and talked more like an adult, but because of a mild disability that affected his motor skills could not color in the lines well. We had no choice but to homeschool.

My son and I have always felt like the people in our small town watched and judged us. The social isolation is hard. My son does nothing with other kids now. He had to quit scouts several years ago because he could not do all the required hiking and camping. He even had to quit musical theater because of the health issues. It makes me very sad.

I am trying to focus on having a good Christmas but I keep thinking of the medical issues we are dealing with. My son wore a painful scoliosis brace for several years and we were told recently that it did not work and he will need surgery. He knows way too much about possible surgical complications because his grandmother had a relatively minor surgery and came out with severe brain damage and requiring full time care the rest of her life. It is so easy to look up scary medical information online.

I feel like we could use some support, but there is none. We certainly don't need more people watching and judging us.

  • gifted in the newsDinky's Mom, Sun Dec 16 13:15
    I'm sure we are all profoundly sad about the tragedy this week, but as I carefully choose what information I'm reading about this event, I'm noticing the buzz about how smart (genius) the young man... more
    • gifted in the news — Lori H., Sun Dec 16 20:29
      • Re: gifted in the newsJ's mom, Mon Dec 17 21:35
        Lori- I'm sorry to hear your DS didn't heal with the brace. I remember your posts regarding the concerns. Hopefully surgery will be the answer for him. J is 12 and I am fighting to keep him... more
      • caringDinky's Mom, Sun Dec 16 20:53
        I remember watching your progress Lori. I'm sorry to hear that he's not in theater any more and that it's come down to surgery. I am also sorry your town does not have a nice support system. I never... more
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