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Uh...now what?
Fri Jan 11, 2013 13:08

Since I wanted to give A (DD8) some practice with test format before the EXPLORE-and because she tends to panic when she sees a question and isn't sure how to start, so I wanted to prep her for the likelihood that an above level test would have some things she hasn't done before, I printed out a practice ACT. I figured it was a similar format test, would be practice using a bubble sheet, and would be good practice at "if you really don't have a clue, bubble B, circle the question in the test book, and come back if you have time later".

Well, after taking the whole thing over several days, she ended up with scores on the practice test high enough to qualify her for placement in college level math and English classes at the university I used to teach at, and a composite high enough to qualify her for our state's lottery scholarship. Not super high, by high school SR standards, but a little scary for an 8 yr old who did the test using a fat "My first Ticonderoga" pencil.

Her response, BTW-"That wasn't so bad. Some of it was fun. I guess I don't need to be worried about the EXPLORE"

    • pat on backDinky's Mom, Sat Jan 12 22:16
      Congrats to A for not panicking and of course she did fabulous. Just curious what is she taking the EXPLORE for?
      • Re: pat on backDonna, Sun Jan 13 09:13
        Mostly for more information at this point. Belin-Blank is the GT research center at the University of Iowa, and along with doing the usual talent search enrichment programs, they do research studies... more
        • Re: pat on backDinky's Mom, Sun Jan 13 13:57
          I'm always amazed at the resources out there for our kiddos. We've been using JHU but this sounds wonderful too.'
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