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Dinky's Mom
pat on back
Sat Jan 12, 2013 22:16

Congrats to A for not panicking and of course she did fabulous.
Just curious what is she taking the EXPLORE for?

  • Uh...now what?Donna , Fri Jan 11 13:08
    Since I wanted to give A (DD8) some practice with test format before the EXPLORE-and because she tends to panic when she sees a question and isn't sure how to start, so I wanted to prep her for the... more
    • pat on back — Dinky's Mom, Sat Jan 12 22:16
      • Re: pat on backDonna, Sun Jan 13 09:13
        Mostly for more information at this point. Belin-Blank is the GT research center at the University of Iowa, and along with doing the usual talent search enrichment programs, they do research studies... more
        • Re: pat on backDinky's Mom, Sun Jan 13 13:57
          I'm always amazed at the resources out there for our kiddos. We've been using JHU but this sounds wonderful too.'
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