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Re: pat on back
Sun Jan 13, 2013 09:13

Mostly for more information at this point. Belin-Blank is the GT research center at the University of Iowa, and along with doing the usual talent search enrichment programs, they do research studies on educational options for GT kids. I get the distinct impression that A. either is slotting right into a research study they have at present, or one they've planned.

So far, they've been wonderful as far as talking to me and to her and making suggestions that don't necessarily involve a lot of money or traveling across country-things like doing classes at Athena's Academy or Online G3 that include a live classroom component because that was one thing that came up in both parent and child interviews-that A. really, really needs to feel like she's not the only smart kid out there, and getting to talk to others who are equally enthusiastic about a given area (even if they're not necessarily as globally gifted as she is) is a real benefit to her. They've also encouraged me to let her continue on her competition-focused path-that rather than focusing in the wrong direction, on winning and on being better than others, A's specifically using this as a way to feel like she's part of a group, and that just the fact that the other kids are interested enough to do math competitions, spelling bees, and the like make her feel like she's one of the crowd, win or lose (she's actually happier when she loses-because then she's NOT the smartest one out there).

Since the EXPLORE is used for most programs except Johns Hopkins starting at 4th-5th grade, taking it now will open those programs to her if she has the qualifying scores needed for the higher grade levels, and unless she just totally blows it emotionally, she shouldn't have any trouble getting those scores, so that will open a range of opportunities, and they could see no good reason for waiting a couple of years before trying the harder test. At worst, she wouldn't get the qualifying score, and be no less eligible for the programs for her grade/age than she is now, so the only risk was the fairly small testing fee. And since I have to test in some way each year, and the EXPLORE qualifies, testing with a higher ceiling should decrease the chance that she ceilings everything and I have no useful information, which is what happens on the SAT-10/TerraNova.

  • pat on backDinky's Mom, Sat Jan 12 22:16
    Congrats to A for not panicking and of course she did fabulous. Just curious what is she taking the EXPLORE for?
    • Re: pat on back — Donna, Sun Jan 13 09:13
      • Re: pat on backDinky's Mom, Sun Jan 13 13:57
        I'm always amazed at the resources out there for our kiddos. We've been using JHU but this sounds wonderful too.'
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