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Rachelle in NZ
Is it worth it to keep activities for social only?
Fri Mar 15, 2013 01:25

Hi Donna, in my case no. I used to worry and fret about birthday parties and "socialization" and DS needs to have friends. I realized in the end that DS did not care nearly as much as I did. We found keeping the academic stimulation to be important, but being very highly gifted he was so different from peers that it was not so appropriate in our case anyway. Now that DS is older (10), he has just casual 'natural' friends (just neighbors or who ever is around)of all/any ages. No special friends or idea mates, but I could not make that happen anyway. These days I am less stressed not feeling caught up in all of that, so I personally think I am a better parent too. Just my 2 cents worth, everyones situation is different of course.

  • A's now 8, and I'm running into problems. For the last few years, she's had several things she's done that haven't been a bad fit, and have generally led to having 1-2 friends in each. But, this... more
    • UpdateDonna, Sun Jun 23 18:51
      Well, the co-op problem seems to have resolved itself in some ways. Next year, there will be two separate co-ops. One with the grade level classes that's trying to be more academic, and one that's... more
    • Sorry this is gotten so difficult. I agree that A should have a say, but with your guidance. Will the 4-6 group have all the same kids next fall or will some of the "meaner" ones move on? Will any of ... more
    • thinking about responseDinky's Mom, Fri Mar 15 18:49
      Donna, This is my first year to be able to participate in extra homeschool organized activities, because of DH's work and my job ending. My first thought was We don't do coop because it is not a fit... more
    • Is it worth it to keep activities for social only? — Rachelle in NZ, Fri Mar 15 01:25
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