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Re: Is it worth it to keep activities for social only?
Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:50

What does A want to do? It's her time. Her friends. She may be willing to sacrifice for certain friends and not for others. Dropping all 3 activities at once may be more than she's willing to do. Kids generally care when there is no one to invite to a party... and if they seem to not care as kids in the present, as adults, often look back very sadly on those times.

Since the co-op seems the most socially promising, could she change her position in the group? If the 4-6 girls aren't behaving themselves, what if she stayed in k-3 part-time as a classroom aid? She might enjoy the leadership she's already started. She could continue her projects to share. Gifted kids aren't often good tutors but some are and some really enjoy it. Might be something to explore before dropping.

Sometimes you just have to keep looking. She may be difficult to get to know but finding a group that pulls her out could be worth it. For my kids, theatre has been their constant. They are generally multi-age. A lot of smart, quirky kids with eclectic talents and interests. They are often playful through-out high school. Many are wall-flowers at school but social butterflies at rehearsal. They also tend to reach-out repeatedly which may be what your DD needs. There is always a new show, new material to learn, a new challenge. You might look at a theatre dance program. They tend to not be so focused on technical ability but all about personality and character of the ensemble. That might be a better fit for her at this particular point in time. We've not had a lot of luck in academic groups until the general public is specializing and past the point of general information. Like my 16-year-old is in a playwriting group with kids who are committed writers and it's a fantastic fit now... would not have been when she was 8. Same with DS, he's in a great robotics club at 12.. a science club at 8 probably wouldn't have worked.

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