Dinky's Mom
thinking about response
Fri Mar 15, 2013 18:49

This is my first year to be able to participate in extra homeschool organized activities, because of DH's work and my job ending. My first thought was We don't do coop because it is not a fit for us. Never was never will be. Second thought was We have a "park day" where up to 15 families come and go once a week from 1-4 on Fridays. It has been my saving GRACE!!! Dinky is now 11 and puberty hit with full force this last year. Socializing is everything for her! So we have arranged to get involved in activities that are strictly social. We Skate once a week in which 4 or 5 other HS families w/ kids ranging from 10-15 all go. They meet at park where they tend to break away from the smaller kids and have time to hang out. We go to dance class an hour early just so Dinky can hang out w/ her best friend for an hour before they are in class together. We take art classes (which honestly I struggle w/ because i'm an artist and not only do i not care for the woman's style of teaching but I also am seriously unimpressed w/ her art. Snobby I know, but just the facts.) Plus we always always have theater, choir, church activities, and music.
I'm telling you all of this because, four years ago socializing was not nearly as important in our world as it is now. It is the currency I use to motivate Dinky to finish her work and do her chores. So at this younger age, it may not matter as much, once she's a pre teen it will most likely matter more. We found we plugged into these groups quickly and easily. I hope you have something similar, where you live. If not start a FB group w/ other homeschoolers and share social events together, or even a yahoo group. We do both. Though the FB page is more successful. Just a few thoughts.

  • A's now 8, and I'm running into problems. For the last few years, she's had several things she's done that haven't been a bad fit, and have generally led to having 1-2 friends in each. But, this... more
    • UpdateDonna, Sun Jun 23 18:51
      Well, the co-op problem seems to have resolved itself in some ways. Next year, there will be two separate co-ops. One with the grade level classes that's trying to be more academic, and one that's... more
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    • thinking about response — Dinky's Mom, Fri Mar 15 18:49
    • Is it worth it to keep activities for social only?Rachelle in NZ, Fri Mar 15 01:25
      Hi Donna, in my case no. I used to worry and fret about birthday parties and "socialization" and DS needs to have friends. I realized in the end that DS did not care nearly as much as I did. We found ... more
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