J's mom
Summer Plans??
Sat Jun 1, 2013 23:42

In a dying effort to keep this board alive ALIVE!!

What are some interesting plans for this summer?? We are 2-4 weeks into summer 'break' for traditional school kids here and lots of camps are on going.
J has chosen an academic route this year. Finishing up a CTY course in Geometry then heading right into Chemistry. He is at a local university this week and next for a couple days each for simple 'enrichment' camps. Math and science topics. He is dedicated to swim team and reading as well.

We ended the year with several high school credits: 1 computer science, 1 English One, 1 Geometry, 1 PE, 1/2 Art (will continue next year to get the full credit).

I'm debating if I should give credit for Algebra, he did take the course at CTY and did fairly well however, some kids take Algebra in 8th grade... he was 11 when he took it. I guess I can always update the 'resume' later?? He will have more than 4 credits of math anyway.

What has everyone been up to....??

    • Re: Summer Plans??Crystal, Sun Jun 2 13:59
      We're still in school here. DD 16 is a busy girl. She is a week from finishing her 1st year at the middle college program. Basically, she takes English and History with a small high school group and... more
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