Re: Summer Plans??
Sun Jun 2, 2013 13:59

We're still in school here.

DD 16 is a busy girl. She is a week from finishing her 1st year at the middle college program. Basically, she takes English and History with a small high school group and everything else at the community college. She loves it and is thriving (outside of having a weak English teacher but we're making progress in that regard.) This summer she's taking a compacted art history class at the college. She goes into rehearsals for a big musical next week. She's doing a drama end of August. She is an aide for a theatre summer camp. She is directing a Shakespeare production for a tiny regional theatre using a script she adapted last Fall. The BIG activity will be starting the application process for the 10 universities on her list most of which she has to put together an arts supplement for. On top of all that, she is head-over-heals in love and plans to spend as much time as she can with her first boyfriend. Thankfully, he's a wonderful kid and not a 50 year old history teacher. Nothing against 50-year-old history teachers... just that DD has been in love with two of them and we were getting worried. This boy is actually her age... he just talks like a 50-year-old history teacher lol.

DS 12 is a few weeks from finishing 7th grade. It's been a rougher year for him. Academics have been fantastic but he had a resurgence of bully issues that he hid from us and eventually resulted in him punching out the lead aggressor. The school took DS's side, the parent's of the bully pulled their kid out of the school in protest, DS was heralded as a hero by his peers. Unfortunately, DS is having a difficult time coping with the fact that he was capable of hitting another person. He feels like he's turned into the very thing he hates. His confidence is in the toilet. This summer, we hope to help him heal and build himself back up. He'll continue with his year round activities in piano, tae kwon do and basketball. He's excited for his summer robotics program and he's doing a show with his best buddies. There are lots of camping trips and fun stuff like that planned for him too.

As for the family unit in general... summer is when DH is crazy busy at work. I've got several projects in various stages that I hope to have completed by summers end. We have a few friends in need at the moment so much of my time is trying to help them out (can I just say, cancer sucks and everyone seems to be suffering from it now... maybe that is what happens when you turn 40.)

All-in-all though, we are all ready for some summer fun!

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