J's mom
Help for this coming year
Mon Jul 1, 2013 21:12

I think my email is linked above. I am having second thoughts about completely homeschooling J this coming year. We are still with CTY and honestly its not meeting his needs.

I contacted Laurel Springs Academy and it might be a better fit as they have a complete course load and claim to be able to place by ability not age. LSA also has an honors section of sorts. J is already bugging me about how many more credits he needs until he graduates and can begin university.

LSA will give a diploma while CTY does not. LSA seems to have a bit more student support and at this point I can't keep up with J and I need a teacher who can monitor what he is doing.

All of this seems like that next step that I am so not ready for. He is still 12 and won't be 13 until after school starts here, so technically 7th grade but I could push for 8th grade if I was to enroll him in traditional school. He has 5?? high school credits.

I think he would be happier with something like LSA but I'm not sure. I guess I never imagined that CTY would be 'boring mom'. I can't wrap my head around how Honors Chemistry is BORNING?? or how Honors Geometry was boring??

What am I missing?

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