Thanks to everyone for past support
Mon Nov 11, 2013 13:27

Maybe it's because it's Remembrance Day, but I was feeling quite nostalgic today. I've re-visited a few old sites where I spent time years ago when my DS and DD were in elementary school. I started reading here over 10 years ago.

DS started a congregated gifted program in Sept. 2002 when he entered Gr. 4, and I started visiting on gifted boards around the same time. I hung out here a lot, lurking but also posting from time-to-time. It was a comfortable place for good conversations and exchanges of ideas. Once they were past the middle school years, they - and I - didn't need as much input and I drifted away from the board.

My DS is in 3rd year university. My DD is in Gr. 12 high school and deciding on her university career. They both have part-time jobs and do volunteer work and have outside interests and activities that keep them busy. They are both doing very well. They are happy, well-adjusted, have reasonably good organization and other executive functioning skills.

My deepest, heartfelt thanks to everyone here. It was enormously helpful to have this kind of resource and sympathetic group during their earlier school years. My very best wishes to anyone who finds this message - whether you are an old-timer checking in or a newcomer looking for some information in the archived messages.

    • Old times...Gabrielle, Wed Nov 13 14:25
      Best wishes to you too, and to all old and new-timers lurking (posting?) on the board!
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