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John J. Stimson, Jr.
Fri Oct 23, 2009 15:53

Hello Joe,

124,216 shipped to the war department on 7/24/1944.

Is the finish blued or parkerized?

It is not uncommon to find this model without the ordnance acceptance stamp.

Micro Sights did indeed maintain a booth at Camp Perry and did convert a number of Model H-D Military pistols to use their sights.

I don't know when the U.S.A MODEL H-D would have become available to a civilain to have that sight conversion or whether the military had any such conversions.

Note that Micro Sight did not exist during the war when these pistols were manufactured and for a year or so after teh war. The earliest Micro Sight magazine advertisement I have found dealing with sights is in the May 1947 American Rifleman magazine.

John Stimson

  • USA Model H-D Micro Sightsgjhudak49, Fri Oct 23 10:37
    John: Can you provide any information regarding a USA-HD Serial Number 124216? This pistol(US Property marked but no cross-cannon ordnance stamp)is in unfired condition in the original box (inked... more
    • U.S.A MODEL H-D — John J. Stimson, Jr., Fri Oct 23 15:53
      • Re: U.S.A MODEL H-Dgjhudak49, Fri Oct 23 16:13
        John: The finish is the usual high polish blue. I purchased this USA-HD as I thought it was unusual for the pistol to be modified with Micro sights and yet still be with it's original numbered box... more
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