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Joe Pentino
Olympic Citation
Sun Dec 6, 2009 22:38

Hello John, I have not seen this gun yet. I am buying it long distance. The seller does not know the ejector type.When i recieve the gun i will try to determin which ejector it has. I might need some help. Thanks Joe

  • Olympic CitationJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Sun Dec 6 19:41
    Hello Joe, Yes, I understand why you want to know what it shipped as. However I suspect that you do not appreciate the importance to me of the answers to my questions. I do not charge money for my... more
    • Olympic Citation — Joe Pentino, Sun Dec 6 22:38
      • Olympic CitationJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Mon Dec 7 09:39
        Hello Joe, Yes, it did ship as a 10.00" Olympic. John Stimson
        • Olympic CitationJoe Pentino, Mon Dec 7 10:13
          Thanks John, I should have the gun in a week or so and we will see what type ejector it has.Did all the model 103's have the blade style ejector?
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