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John J. Stimson, Jr.
Magazine adjustment tool
Sat Mar 5, 2011 15:24

Hello Bruce,

All the magazine from the original Connecticut factory came adjusted.

All the Model H-D pistols which were pre WW II had finger style magazines as did the war time U.S.A. MODEL H-D and the post war Model H-D Military.

IS your problem magazine a factory magazine or an aftermarket magazine?

I find no reference of the High Standard magazine tool being offered for sale before the close of teh Connecticut factory and to my knowledge, the new Texas High Standard company which began in 1963, has not offered it before this last month. I suspect so few have been sold that there li little opportunity for feedback.

Wayne's suggestion about making the Jim Barta design is a good one.

John Stimson

  • Magazine AdjustmentBruce Jones, Sat Mar 5 09:05
    The Texas High Standard Company is now reproducing the old factory tool used to adjust the feed lips on early magazines (like that on my H-D). I do have one magazine which, when used, seems to cause... more
    • Magazine AdjustmentBruce Jones, Sat Mar 5 17:20
      Thank you for the replies. I have three magazines for my H-D USA. All are of original 40s-50s manufacture. The one giving me trouble is a "two-tone" unit which I believe was produced during World War ... more
    • Magazine adjustment tool — John J. Stimson, Jr., Sat Mar 5 15:24
    • adjusting toolWayne Davis, Sat Mar 5 14:31
      You can make one yourself for a lot less following Jim Barta's instructions here:
      • Mag Adjusting ToolJim Garten, Mon Mar 7 15:02
        I made a tool according to Jim Barta's instructions. Also used his adjustment process. Unfortunately, my experience has been that after adjusting, the mags are more finiky. I have 10 HS mags and a... more
      • adjusting toolBerge, Sun Mar 6 16:59
        I too can attest that the tool Jim has posted works fine. I made one several years ago using 1/4" key stock to the exact dimensions given and carry it in my pistol kit. Since adjusting my magazines... more
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