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Richard Cooledge
Model B
Sun Oct 16, 2016 21:31

I would appreciate whatever information you have on the following:
Series: Model B
Serial Number: 12289
Barrel Length: 6-3/4''
Finish: Blue
Grip Material /Color: Checkered black hard rubber
Takedown: Type I-A

Thank you, Richard

    • Request limitJohn J. Stimson, Jr, Mon Oct 17 05:46
      Hello Richard, There is a limit of two posts per week and four per month. I interpret a week as any seven day period and a month as any 30 day period. You inquired about two guns on September 29th... more
      • Request LimitRichard Cooledge, Mon Oct 17 17:26
        John, after re-reading your message I am left wondering how it applies to me going forward. Once November arrives, how many requests am I allowed during that month? Two? Four? Any before October 5?... more
        • Request limitsJohnStimson, II, Mon Oct 17 20:11
          Hello Richard, Assuming that you want to continue your pattern of two on the same day, you could request two on October 30, two on November 5, two pn November 30, and two on December 6. I will be... more
          • Request LimitsRichard Cooledge, Mon Oct 17 21:22
            Thanks John, that clarifies things greatly.
      • Re: Request limitRichard Cooledge, Mon Oct 17 17:15
        My apologies, John. I read the policy to be calendar based, which would allow 2 in September and another 4 in October.
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