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High Standard Riot
Sun Oct 16, 2016 22:47

The barrel is 18 1/8" measured to the front of the bolt. 3232957 serial number, the Barrel left side in caps says

HAMDEN, CONN., U.S.A. BHSP in an oval and what appears to look like an upside down keyhole

Right Side

2 3/4" CHAMBER

No other marks other than stated, one thing to note is that is does slam fire. Curious as to date of manufacture and model, assuming it's in the 70's due to the birch stocks. The butt plate is black plastic with a vertical V inside of a chevron/shield shape with horizontal lines and a plain banner from one side to the other across the V.

    • Flite King RiotJohn J. Stimson, Jr, Mon Oct 17 05:53
      Hello Todd, 3,232,957 shipped as a catalog number 8111 with key serial number 3,233,464 on 4/11/1975 to account number 050857 on invoice number 63068. If it will slam fire it is either worn, out of... more
    • Re: High Standard Riottodd_ten, Mon Oct 17 00:30
      My apologies, I failed to put my name in message Todd Neal
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