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Dave Augustine
Supermatic Trophy 106
Tue Oct 18, 2016 20:51


I'm assisting a family friend with some items in an estate.

One of which is a Supermatic Trophy 106 SN 1529847
5 1/2" barrel
RH walnut grips.

From the serial number it looks like this should have originally come with accessories? Extra mag, barrel weight(s) and compensator, is this correct?

An interesting side note, the gentleman who owned this pistol shot competitively (in both smallbore and centerfire disciplines) and the tape was still on the trigger guard from the 1967 National Matches at Camp Perry. His rifles had tape from the late 90's


    • Supermatic Trophy 106 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Wed Oct 19 12:07
      Hello Dave, Yes, 1,529,847 shipped as a catalog number 9245 which included the accessories. Extra magazine, stabilizer, and one large and one small weight. John Stimson
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