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Les Voss
No Subject
Sat Nov 26, 2016 23:27

Mr. Stimson,
I am a fan of riot guns, and have a small collection, but no Hi Standard riots. I have a local armslist of an 8111 SN 3100045. The owner has little info. I'd like to know: is this the walnut or birch version, what year was it produced, and what sights should be on it? I only want an original weapon, so need to know if it has been modified--sights seem like a frequent mod lol. Anything you recommend verifying during inspection?

I'm grateful for your time/help. You do not offer values for these guns, and I respect that. I looked on the bluebook as recommended but didn't seem precise. If you would hazard a reasonable price range guess, that would make it easier--but not if it breaks your rules, I know a lot more about Ithaca 37--and this looks a lot like it, but heavier duty.

This must be some labor of love for you to have created such a site.

Kind regards, Les Voss

    • Flite King Riot K-120John J. Stimson, II, Sun Nov 27 14:52
      Hello Les, The records are confused in the 3,100,000 range as the Numbering die malfunctioned and some guns were marked in the 3,200,000 range. The records say the number of doubled numbers is... more
      • 8111 Riot GunLes Voss, Sun Nov 27 16:11
        Hi John, Thank you very much for helping with this gun. I have not yet determined to add it to my collection or not--I'm disappointed that they eliminated or did not include a rear sight, though... more
        • Flite King RiotJohn J. Stimson, II, Mon Nov 28 18:51
          Hello Les, There were specific models that came from the factory with a rear sight. 8113 has a rifle sight. I believe that one had provisions for a Williams receiver sight. I don't recall the model... more
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