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shoot shorts in lr barrel?
Tue Jun 13, 2017 17:01

I have a model 107 Olympic ISU Military Pistol. Is there anything seriously wrong with mounting one of my extra 8" or 10" LR space barrels on it and shooting shorts in the chamber using the Olympic's magazines and slide?
Generally pump, and other action 22 rifles will let you interchange shorts, longs and long rifle ammo at will.


    • Re: shoot shorts in lr barrel?Jack H, Wed Jun 14 00:28
      There will be with extensive shooting, a hard to clean ring in the chamber space ahead of the short case. Also the rifling twist is wrong. Accuracy will suffer
      • Shorts in LRJohn J. Stimson, II, Fri Jun 16 16:40
        Hello Jack, The ring will eventually build to cause extraction problems. Generally a bad idea. The early Olympic models had the same i in 16" RH twist as the LR barrels. They did change the rifling... more
        • Re: Shorts in LRJack H, Sat Jun 17 01:27
          Thanks John I did not know that about the twist. How early though? I have interest only in 102-107 guns Jack
          • TwistJohn J Stimson, II, Sat Jun 24 10:40
            Hello Jack, I have checked a couple of 102 Olympics in the 816,000 and 819,000 range and a Flite King in the same range. Two of the three were left hand rifling. The highest number was the right hand ... more
            • Re: TwistJack H, Sun Jun 25 01:20
              Thanks John. I am sure every short shooter I ever had is on the newer side of 819,000.
          • How early?John J. Stimson, II, Mon Jun 19 05:50
            Hello Jack, I will need to get some guns out and look. I'm pretty sure they were still using 1 in 16 at the end of the 101 series. John Stimson
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