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bill carter
serial number search
Wed Jun 14, 2017 20:01

John, I found another early 106. Actually, it belonged to a fellow HSCA member, and he was willing to trade it to me.
It is a 106 Trophy from July 1965. A catalog 9246 from production lot #5. Serial number 1,466,797. A "GI" date code and a completely correct gun in wonderful condition.
This one fills a hole in my collection. I still need to find a few more.

    • Supermatic Trophy 106 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Fri Jun 16 19:31
      Hello Bill, Is the acceptance date code on the frame or barrel? 1,466,797 shipped as a catalog number 9246 with key serial number 1,467,327 on 7/28/1965 to account number 3723 on invoice number... more
      • Date codebill carter, Fri Jun 16 20:19
        John, The date code is on the frame. I have never found a date code on a barrel until December 1966, which surprised me. I've had a lot of December 1966 pistols, and all but one were dated on the... more
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