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John Fleischer
10-X Victor question
Fri Jun 16, 2017 09:20

I have a High Standard marked 10-X on left frame above trigger. Matte finish, blackish. Grips are black,5.5" barrel, one mag, with vent rib. serial number SH26660 with last 2-3 numbers slightly worn down. 22LR with trigger logo on left side of barrel and address on right side. box with matching serial number claims model #9234 but no target, only schematic for Trophy/Citation. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Re: 10-X Victor questionAnonymous, Fri Jun 16 21:31
      Hi Wayne, it looks like RNS for the initials. The S appears slightly larger and a different style font if that makes sense. found them under left grip at bottom of mag well cutout in frame. Am aware... more
      • RNSWayne Davis, Fri Jun 16 23:02
        John, the initials RNS are for Robert (Bob) Shea. He was the senior master gunsmith at High Standard at that time. A Bob Shea made 10-X is neat find in the vent rib version 10-X. John Stimson will... more
        • Re: RNSJohn Fleischer, Sat Jun 17 07:03
          Wayne, there is a depression for extra mags, looks like two would have fit, however only one was included with the gun. There is also a depression for a thumb rest but there is no rest on the grip.... more
          • Model 10-X 108 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Mon Jun 19 09:22
            Hello John, SH 26,660 shipped as a catalog number 9234 on 4/4/1983 to account number 1261711 on invoice number 89921. SH 26,659, a 9372 was also in this shipment to Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. Is... more
            • No response to my questionJohn J Stimson, II, Sat Jun 24 09:14
              This is why I am phasing out my participation. I don't get the data that may be helpful to my research. One great unknown is that fro most guns we do not know what the potential population is in the... more
              • Sorry for late responsejohnf544, Sun Jun 25 00:22
                John Very sorry to take so long to respond. The gun, to the best of my knowledge has been in NE Ohio since 10/94 when it was added to a personal collection. I purchased it from that collection a... more
                • NE Ohio collectionJohn J Stimson, II, Sun Jun 25 14:31
                  Hello John, Obviously it is back from Canada. Would that perhaps be from the collection of the late Ken Seminatore? His ex wife was going to sell his collection based on e-mails early this year. John ... more
                  • NE Ohio Collectionjohnf544, Sun Jun 25 18:23
                    Hi John Yes I believe that it was, I didn't deal directly with her, I worked with a gun store in the area. As far as I know, the sale is still expected to go forward this summer. John F
          • PicsWayne Davis, Sat Jun 17 07:18
            My email is mwdavis67 at gmail dot com. John Stimson will likely weigh in when he has time to look up the serial number.
    • 10-XWayne Davis, Fri Jun 16 11:10
      John, if you remove the left grip panel, there should be some initials stamped on the frame. Would you let us know what those letters are? They are the initials of the gunsmith who assembled the... more
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