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104 Trophy parts
Tue Jul 11, 2017 15:39

Hi I just bought a 104 Trophy from my local gun shop someone took it apart and lost all the internal's ( I have the trigger and the mag catch but that's about it )The bolt is complete the barrel and sights are nice but no grips or screws any idea were I can find the parts I need or a donor gun to scavenge parts off of. Thanks for any help

    • last part neededbob, Wed Aug 9 09:42
      Hi guys I got the 104 back together and put a couple hundred rounds through it yesterday. It shot great the one part I'm still missing is a washer p/n 10425 They call it a safty washer it goes around ... more
    • 104 partsBob, Wed Jul 12 08:15
      Hi Jack I checked the frame in the store befor I bought it no cracks as far as parts go I need the side plate and screw I need the trigger bar , safety , slide stop , sear , hammer any springs and... more
      • Re: 104 partsJack H, Thu Jul 13 00:53
        I have a lot of those parts. Let me check. Some things I suggest Houston or Alan Grips-Houston has nice wood grips Herretts maybe? Grip screws- also Houston. make sure the "old" threads Mag-Alan... more
        • 104 partsJack H, Thu Jul 13 23:48
          I looked at Brownells. You can get most of the little parts there. The only thing I did not see is the sideplate and the 104 hammer (with the off-set strut groove)... more
        • Re: 104 partsBob, Thu Jul 13 06:36
          Thanks for the advice I have been looking at the Houston sight for some of the small parts . A guy on gunbroker has a hammer & sear and says they are nos for about 25 a piece Numarich has a side plate
    • Re: 104 Trophy partsJack H, Wed Jul 12 00:13
      First check your frame to be not cracked and in reality was donor gun. Then make a parts list and I will see what I got.
      • PartsJim Gray, Thu Jul 13 11:47
        High Standard has those parts in stock
        • 104 partsJack H, Fri Jul 14 00:29
          Will the 104 frame allow the strut be moved over to the right for use of the hammer with a centered strut groove?
          • HammerJohn Stimson, II, Sat Jul 15 10:05
            Hello Jack, I don't know but I doubt it. If they could have used the 107 hammer in the 104 they surely would have in preference to having two different hammers in stock. Remember that the 107... more
            • 104 HammerJack H, Sun Jul 16 01:46
              Thanks John I looked into a SportKing Slant grip. Doesn't look like the 107 hammer will work.
      • Re: 104 Trophy partsJack H, Wed Jul 12 00:16
        Question for John or ? Do all 104 guns have the off center hammer strut groove? Might be good to know for OP
        • hammerWayne Davis, Wed Jul 12 09:17
          There is currently a 104 hammer on eBay with the offset slot.
          • hammer on GunBrokerWayne Davis, Wed Jul 12 09:30
            There is also a 104 hammer on GunBroker at .
            • hammersWayne Davis, Wed Jul 12 09:36
              The part number for the hammers on the 102, 103, 104, and 106 pistols is 10200. The part number for the 107+ pistols is 10201, which has the strut slot centered.
    • partsWayne Davis, Tue Jul 11 16:48 and have parts available. You probably will have a hard time finding some of the parts. I hope you did not pay much for the gun, since you will likely spend $300 to... more
      • Re: partsAnonymous, Tue Jul 11 18:32
        Hoping to find a gun with a cracked frame or a field king in poor shape just for the parts. This gun is in nice condition would be a shame not to save it.
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