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Victor Prevost
104 Trophy
Sat Jul 15, 2017 08:38

I know that John is not gathering more information but,I am posting this just in case John can use it and if I can find out if it is a non altered gun, when it shipped and who it shipped to.I recently Purchased a 104 Trophy SN 1307953 with the 5-1/2" bull barrel. The pistol has the high polish bluing. It has the wood grips with a thumb rest and the gold medallion with the eagle. The gold trigger has the adjustable stop screw in it. The frame says "SUPERMATIC TROPHY" on the left side and has the serial number on the right side. The frame has the sear adjustment screw at the rear of the frame. The slide says "HI-STANDARD" on the left side and says "model 104"with the serial number on the right side. The barrel says "High Standard mfg corp. Hamden, Conn.U.S.A. on the right. The barrel says .22 Long Rifle with the eagle on the left side. There are slotted screws on the bottom of the barrel for the weights and notches for the stabilizer. The gun came with a high polish stabilizer and the 2 high polish weights. The magazine is all blued with a "5" and "10" markings on it and says "Hi-Standard" on the bottom. The magazine follower is blued metal.
All the lettering is still gold filled(except the serial numbers). The box is purple on the outside and yellow on the cutout with the eagle print. The box has the serial number on it but the model number has faded away.
Thank you for any information anyone can provide, Vic Prevost

    • TrophyWayne Davis, Sat Jul 15 10:37
      There were only two versions of the series 104 Trophy: 5.5 inch barreled, or 7.25 inch barreled versions. Since you have the box, you should be able to determine if the 5.5 inch barrel was original... more
      • 104 TrophyVictor Prevost, Sat Jul 15 20:39
        Wayne, Thank you for the information. It is a very nice looking gun and also one of my favorite HS pistol models. The cut out in the box seems to be for a longer barrel and a cutout for a shorter... more
        • BoxesJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Jul 21 10:53
          Hello Victor, Depending on the time frame and the guns in the then current sales line, the boxes were often made to accommodate more than one barrel length. That would be true for the 104 series... more
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