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bill carter
Gunbroker web site - redux
Mon Aug 7, 2017 11:26

I have found a way to get some results from a search. I hate computers, so everyone else may be ahead of me, but here it is. When you go into Gunbroker, click on Advanced search.
That brings up the Advanced search page. Go on the Search Words line, and enter "high Standard". Don't forget the quotation marks. You now will have a familiar screen that has about 2000 items found. They are not all High Standard, but they are mostly HS. There are also stupid categories for ammo, shotgun shells, etc, but at least you can now find magazines, or barrels, or small pistol parts, etc. You still get any stupid item in which the word high or standard is in its description, but the site is at least usable this way. No telling if the computer geeks at Gunbroker will ever understand the mess they have made of this site.

You can refine your search more for pistols by adding 106, or 107, or whatever interests you. Good luck.

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