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James Whaley
Early 50's Sport King
Sun Sep 10, 2017 00:36

Hi, all...

My dear wife collects older .22 pistols, and came home yesterday with a High Standard Sport King with a 4.5" barrel , checkered plastic grips with a round logo (eagle?) roughly the side of a dime at the bottom rear of each grip (thumb swell on left grip), and overall in very nice condition, considering it's about my age.

The left side of the receiver has
"High Standard Mfg. Corp.
New Haven, Conn. USA"

"Cal .22 long rifle" appears on the left frame behind the takedown lever.

The left slide has "SPORT-KING" with a stylized lighting bolt on either side of the words.

The serial number on the front edge of the right side of the slide: 355824.

I believe it's made between 1951 and 1954, but if anyone can help with information about the year made, date when and to who shipped, it'd add a little more history to a very nice example.

Is there any information I can supply to help tell if this is a catalog number 9080 or 9082?

Also, is there a good source for a manual?

Thanks for your time and expertise.

Best regards...

...James Whaley

    • Sport King lever name sereisJohn J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 13 09:17
      Hello James, 355,824 shipped as a catalog number 9081 on 12/5/1951. John Stimson
      • Sport King lever name seriesJames Whaley, Wed Sep 13 11:41
        Thanks, John! My wife was hoping for 1952, but that's close enough. Best regards... ...James
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