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Gary H
Hi-Standard Double Nine Longhorn
Mon Oct 9, 2017 18:15

I have a Hi-Standard Double Nine with the longhorn emblem on the barrel and also Longhorn stamped on the left side of the frame near the grip. It is a square butt plastic ivory grip and the revolver is blue. S/N: 1394327 W-104

The cylinder currently attache to the revolver is a 9 shot 22 LR cylinder.

There is also with the revolver a 6 shot cylinder stamped 22 mag but there is no crane assembly or ejector rod assembly with it. The rear of this cylinder is different than the cylinder currently in the revolver so I am not sure this 22 mag cylinder actually goes with this revolver.

This was my grandfathers so I am hoping you can give me an idea of the date of manufacturer and if by any chance this was a convertible or if the extra cylinder really doesn't belong to this revolver.

Thanks so much for your kind attention concerning this matter.


    • Longhorn W-104John J Stimson, II, Fri Oct 13 07:34
      Hello Gary, Your e-mail is not a displayed field. A W-104 is an aluminum frame revolver and no aluminum frame revolvers were combo or magnum guns. All High Standard .22 revolvers were 9 shot. The 6... more
    • InformationJohn J Stimson, II, Thu Oct 12 14:43
      You could have had an answer several days ago had you followed the forum guidance. John Stimson
      • InformationGary Harris, Thu Oct 12 15:16
        I am sorry, I guess you needed my last name which is also contained in my email address. However, my name is Gary Harris and am hopeful to receive a reply to my original inquiry. Your kind attention... more
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