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Need help with rusty G-380 disassembly
Wed Nov 8, 2017 09:01

I have a customer's G-380 in my shop for repair. The gun was submerged for an unknown amount of time in a flooded basement. This was due to a water line break, so it was not salt water. It looks pretty good externally, but internally, it has rusted enough to lock up some critical parts. Having never touched one of these pistols, I need a little help!

The magazine is frozen solid, but its latch moves freely. The hammer moves through its full arc, but the trigger is locked up solid. I was able to remove the barrel after freeing up its latch. The slide is now somewhat free, and will move back and forth freely about 1/4". It hits a solid stop when trying to pull it to the rear, only moving to where it is flush with the rear of the frame. Pushing it forward gives more gradual resistance, but it definitely will not go further without a lot of force, which I don't want to apply without further knowledge.

So, is it necessary to remove the magazine before the slide can be removed? I am imagining some internal part that is preventing the slide from moving forward, a disconnector maybe? Can anyone help me get this thing apart?


    • Model G .380John J. Stimson, II, Wed Nov 8 12:31
      Hello Gary, The magazine needs to be removed in order to remove the slide. A frozen trigger may actually be a frozen sear bar. The disconnector hump is on the sear bar and if the sear bar is frozen,... more
      • Model G 380Gary Beyer, Thu Nov 9 08:27
        Can you tell me how the safety lever is normally removed? This one moves, but very grudgingly. From photos sent to me from another respondent, I see no reason for the slide not moving back farther... more
        • Model G .380John J. Stimson, II, Thu Nov 9 09:11
          Hello Gary, Its been a long time. If I recall correctly, the safety is retained by the side plate. John Stimson
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