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Ron Brault
Hartford pistol parts blow-up
Wed Jan 10, 2018 15:07

Took my dad's Hartford single shot pistol apart to re-blue it and can't find the parts blow-up. The pistol has been dis-assembled for several years and has turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

Anyone know where I can find a parts diagram?

Take care all,

Ron Brault

    • Hartford single shotStefan Cohn, Thu Jan 11 08:30
      No parts diagram exists that I know of. I have a few pistol photos of parts and pistols with slide and grips removed on my facebook page Hartford Arms & Equipment Company. Have you already re-blueed... more
      • Re: Hartford single shotRon Brault, Sat Jan 13 19:07
        Found something that is both interesting and helpful. The original patent drawings for the Hartford Pistol. Google US 1511510 - firearm Take care, Ron Brault
        • Hartford Single ShotJohn J. Stimson, II, Sat Jan 13 19:27
          Hello Ron, I believe you are incorrect about the existence of a Hartford diagram for the single shot in the NRA magazines. I have looked and have never seen one. I have had the patents posted on my... more
      • Re: Hartford single shotRon Brault, Fri Jan 12 20:13
        Hey Stefan, Thanks for your reply. I hot-blued the gun because I wanted it to look it's best. Didn't care about collector value. I used to have a parts blow-up taken from the Rifleman years ago and... more
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