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Spencer Jennings
Sentinel Deluxe Manufacture Date
Thu Jan 11, 2018 19:25

I am wondering what the manufacturing date for my High Standard Sentinel Deluxe R-107 with serial # 1828668 is. It has a 4 inch barrel measure from the front of the cylinder to the end of the barrel and 2 piece wooden checkered grips. There is a logo on the left side of the frame behind the trigger and in front of the grips. I am not sure what it depicts. The barrel and cylinder appear to be blued, and the frame seems to be a different, darker finish. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • Sentinel Deluxe R-107John J. Stimson, II, Fri Jan 12 05:00
      Hello Spencer, 1,928,668 shipped as a catalog number 9146 with key serial number 1,832,535 on 11/2/1967 to account number 9993 on invoice number 29206. The cylinder and barrel are steel and are... more
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