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S-100 446457 supermatic
Thu Jan 11, 2018 20:54

S-100 Supermatic 6-3/4 ď bbl
Rib on bbl
Brown plastic grips w eagle over banner emblem lower rear corner.
Slide left s HI-STANDARD flanked by lightning bolts
.22 L.R.

INTERESTING SURVIVOR. donít see many in S-100

Where is this one in the production range?
I donít think they are terribly rare, but I sure donít see many, especially considering that they were fine and expensive target pistols, owned by anal retentive obsessive compulsive stiff necked target shooters who would (presumably) preserved them as best they could. So I wouldnít think they got used up and thrown away, into the bottom of the tackle box, like single shot Hartfordís or duramatics(which by all rights SHOULD be in the tackle box...)

How many do you think they made? I donít remember ever seeing a 4-1/2Ē s-100, except, perhaps in an evolved collectors grubby greedy greasy grasp. Thatís another number I wonder about. I do have another one with a 6-3/4Ē (of course) non rib integral muzzle brake barrel which I believe you told me was a transition gun of some sort. Donít know if there are more of those or fewer of those than the straight and natural s-100 ribbed barrel guns.

Anyway, it was interesting so now I have it. Itís a pleasure to shoot.

Iíd be very interested in your thoughts and the benefits of your research.

Need any other info, before this is tossed and lost into my pile in the mule barn, where I hoard all my High Standards?
Thank you, John.

Aseverbrewer messmaster, organizer of entropy and curator of chaos

    • Supermatic S-100John J. Stimson, II, Fri Jan 12 10:26
      Hello John, The date ranges for the 100 series pistols was covered in an article I did several years ago for the HSCA Newsletter but I donít recall covering the relative rarity. I have discussed... more
    • 446457 s-100 supermaticJohn brewer, Thu Jan 11 21:13
      Forgot to mention grip frame both front and back has long, fine serration lines. 11 of them. Feels good in the hand. Wish it had better sights. God knows iron sights are almost irrelevant to me... more
      • Supermatic S-100John J. Stimson, II, Fri Jan 12 09:27
        Hello John, I haven't shot for years due to a lack of a range. Then there was a new range but no .22 standard velocity ammo and now I just haven't gotten around to it. I don't have the vari-focal... more
        • Shooting vision.John Brewer fla, Fri Jan 12 19:36
          I still love to shoot, although, I have to admit I spend much more time shooting the bull than the bullseye. And buying and selling etc. The quick and effective solution is optical sights. The red... more
          • Shooting vision GILES! John brewer, Fri Jan 12 19:48
            GILES! Darn it to heck. I got to proofread BEFORE I HIT THE BUTTON. Brewer
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