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Hi Standard S101 Supermatic US
Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:18

A friend of mine passed away and I acquired his Hi Standard 22 pistol from another friend who was selling his gun collection for the wife. Anyway I my grandfather had a Hi Standard 22 but it was stolen many years ago. I had inherited all of his gun stuff, unfortunately most of them where stolen from him so I got more stuff than gun. I remembered how fond he was of his Hi Standard pistol though. One of the things I got was a magazine (looks like oxidized cadmium) and a short barrel marked Field King.
Anyway... if you are keeping records or can shed any light on this particular piece.

Hi Standard Supermatic S101 sn722305
Stamped with US next to the trigger.

The front sight has what looks like bright orange paint/nail polish on it. Did it come that way or was it added? The gun shoots as good as any target pistol I have ever shot and I am considering putting a red dot on it and using it as my 22 bullseye gun but I dont want to make any modifications to it to mount the red dot. Also I need a couple more spare magazines.

If you could also point me in the direction of where I might be able to get some extra magazines I would appreciate it.


    • Supermatic S-101John J. Stimson, II, Sat Feb 17 05:33
      Hello Louis, 722,305 shipped as a catalog number 9119 on 7/30/1957 for the Government order 2570. The magazines for these guns were indeed cadmium plated. The paint on the front sight is not a... more
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