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James Gammel, Sr.
Series 103 Olympic ISU
Tue Mar 13, 2018 18:59

Hello John,

Considering purchase of a Model 103 Olympic ISU, boxed with 1962 instruction sheet/parts list, both Flat bottom weights, and a Blued magazine (correct?). It's listed as a "very short run, and is "very rare". Also, "Between 1960 and 1963 High Standard offered the high end ISU model with special "high luster blue" finish as catalog# 9299. claims about only 500 were made (appropriate for a Catalog #9289 version, Model 103 Olympic TROPHY ISU)

From the serial number, please advise shipping date and catalog number as shipped. I believe that it IS a catalog 9299 and therefore ran some 6 years (not 3 or 4), and is "citation grade finish", NOT the Trophy grade 9289 3 year run version Model 103 Olympic ISU. I believe the seller is over embellishing what he's selling. It is nice, but perhaps not worth what his BIN is, maybe not close to his reserve.


    • Olympic ISU 103 seriesJohn J Stimson II, Wed Mar 14 04:56
      Hello Jim, The seller clearly soesn't know what he is talking about. Note the serial number even with the last two digits blacked out would reveal the same answer. 9299's Olympics are the only... more
      • 103 Olympic ISU James Gammel, Sr., Wed Mar 14 11:24
        Hello John, Thanks much for the information. Is ser # 1186435 Listed as having shipped as a catalog 9299? If not, I could suggest that since that was posted in the ad, if all the digits listed in the ... more
        • Olympic ISU 103 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Wed Mar 14 12:35
          Hello Jim, Yes 1,186,435 is one of the 9299's listed on that page. 1,186,435 shipped as a catalog number 9299 with key serial number 1,186,447 but I cannot read the date account number so I will need ... more
          • 103 Olymoic ISUJames Gammel, Sr., Wed Mar 14 18:36
            Hello John, I guess it's all smoot now, someone must have been suckered in with all his BS and did the $2K Buy it Now. Guess I'll have to find another catalog 9299 to help round-out my collection. I... more
            • Mistakes and rarityJohn J. Stimson, II, Wed Mar 14 19:54
              Hello Jim, I have guns in my collection that are clearly mistakes. When I started collecting there were only the Petty book and the Leyson book and I didn't know about the Leyson book. Then came the... more
    • Olympic ISUJohn J. Stimson, II, Tue Mar 13 21:24
      Hello Jim, What is the serial number? John Stimson
      • 103 Olympic ISUJames Gammel, Sr., Tue Mar 13 21:32
        Hello John, Geez, leave out the most important part. Ser # as stated by seller (pix have last two digits digitally erased): 1186435 He refuses to show the serial #'s, but claims in the description... more
        • 103 Olympic ISU James Gammel, Sr., Tue Mar 13 21:57
          Hello John, If it wasn't obvious,it has a 6 3/4 tapered barrel, not a 5 1/2" Bull barrel. Jim
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