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Ken Holgate
Olympic Citation Age
Thu Apr 12, 2018 08:29

Thanks in advance for your help in identifying the age of this weapon for me.
Olympic citation model 102
4.5 inch barrel length .22LR
Serial# 812381
High Standard Mfg. Corp. Hamden conn. USA stamped on right side of barrel.
Brown plastic/bakelite handle slabs with gold eagle medallion in checkering.
Thank you for the help!!!

    • Olympic Citation 102 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Thu Apr 12 09:15
      Hello Ken, Are you sure of that barrel length and caliber? The Olympic Citation was not produced with a 4.50" barrel in .22 LR. Is the eagle logo on the grip insert the latge eagle or small eagle?... more
      • Olympic Citation AgeKen Holgate, Thu Apr 12 09:31
        Thanks for the quick reply John!!! The caliber (.22 Long Rifle) is stamped on the barrel on the left side on the square flat, just before the action. As for the length, I measured it From the muzzle... more
        • Olympic Citation ageJames Gammel, Sr., Thu Apr 12 13:30
          Hello Ken, You measured the barrel correctly. RE: Medallion eagle size:;article=36146;title=Hi%20Standard%20Information;pagemark=25 The gun has... more
          • Olympic Citation AgeKen Holgate, Thu Apr 12 13:59
            The serial numbers match and it did not have a rear sight on it when we got it. Inherited it from a grandparent. He had looked for a sight for a long time and never found one. Since it's got the LR... more
            • Olympic pistolWayne Davis, Thu Apr 12 15:17
              The barrel you have is likely from a Sport King. If your slide had a factory dovetail slot for the rear sight, then your pistol should have a 6.75 inch tapered barrel in .22 short. If the slide did... more
              • Olympic Citation 102 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Fri Apr 13 08:44
                Hello Wayne, This shipped as a catalog number 9280, the 6.75" Olympic Citation. The Blue Books claim that the Olympic Citation marked guns are worth a #350 premium makes no sense to me. I suspect... more
                • Olympic Citation AgeKen Holgate, Fri Apr 13 11:40
                  Wow!!! Impressive amount of information! So this one was born in 1958, right? Any ideas as to where I can find a barrel and mag for it? I am registered on Is that the best way to find... more
                  • 102 Olympic CitationJames Gammel, Sr, Fri Apr 13 12:27
                    Hello Ken, Yes, makes it 60 years old this year, old enough for a senior discount at some places. Ebay is good for getting magazines, particularly the cadmium plated ones like it originally shipped... more
                • valueWayne Davis, Fri Apr 13 09:26
                  John, that is good information to know. Thanks for clearing that up.
                  • Olympic Citations John J. Stimson, II, Wed Apr 18 10:59
                    Hello Wayne, Subject to checking the data and finding some records that are not legible records on the film to try to resolve the catalog number I find the following: The 102 series in general, the... more
                  • OlympicsJohn J. Stimson, II, Fri Apr 13 13:03
                    Hello Wayne, Looking back at the rough estimates of production for the 6.75" 8.00" and 10.00" guns, but excluding the ISU's, the order or rarity as a group. 102 Olympic 103 Olympic 102 Olympic... more
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