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info on riot 18-7
Sun Apr 15, 2018 02:29

I was looking at my hi standard riot 18-7 k120 serial 3014191, and was hoping to get the date of manufacture and any other info available or a source to go to.

Thanks in adavance

    • Flite King Riot K-120John J. Stimson, II, Sun Apr 15 14:43
      Hello Frank, 3,014,191 shipped as a catalog number 8111 with key serial number 3,014,010 on 5/8/1969 to account number 13735-3 on invoice number 3817-3. John Stimson
    • riot 18-7Anonymous, Sun Apr 15 11:24
      Hello ???, "PLEASE read this guidance. This is a private forum that requires no registration but does require following the following guidance if you expect a response." "I am not fond of alias,... more
      • namefrank harmon, Sun Apr 15 12:19
        Sorry for not changing it to my name. But any help would be appreciated.
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