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James Gammel, Sr.
Model 102 Citation 9260
Sun Jul 8, 2018 21:39

Hello John,

Tonite, I won a model 102 Citation with the early serial number: 803,331. 6 3/4 space barrel, staked stud, full dress. Unsure about the magazine, but I have plenty of nice Cadmium Plated .22 LR's to include with it. Small eagle bakelite grips. Just need the shipping date on this one, slide ser # matches the frame's.

I can give a link to the auction if that would help you with your research.

I can check the ejector after I actually receive it. If you would like ANY other data, just ask. This one's makes the lowest ser. #I've gotten, still would like a 700K range sometime. Citation, Trophy or even best, an Olympic Citation. Hmmm a trifecta would really be super.

Thanks for all the info you've been so gracious to share with me, it's immensely appreciated. Kind of a bummer about that 10" Trophy I missed out on, it went pretty cheap (at least in my opinion). Oh, well, half the fun is the search.
I had hoped to save you the time and effort to look it up, but alas, that didn't work out as I hoped.


    • Supermatic Citation 102 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Mon Jul 9 09:38
      Hello Jim, 803,331 shipped as a catalog number 9260 on 3/28/1958 to account number 4900 on invoice number 26839. John Stimson
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