J. C. Higgins date of manufacture
Sun Jul 8, 2018 22:28

J C Higgins serial number 784097. 4 inch barrel, brown plastic grips. 9 shot .22. I have read the info you posted for someone else and understand that this gun was made for Sears by High Standard. I'm trying to find out this info for a friend as he is trying to figure out if he got ripped off on the purchase for $100. The gun has excellent action and the lock up is good. Finish on the frame is all but gone to the base coat. All steel parts still have around 85 to 90% bluing. Any info you can provide will be helpful. Thank you.

    • Sears Model 88John J. Stimson, II, Mon Jul 9 09:29
      Hello Fred, Shipped 6/24/1959. The Sears gun serial numbers do not always conform to the other High Standard shipping dates. John Stimson
    • Ripped Off?Wayne Davis, Mon Jul 9 07:55
      It would be hard to be "ripped off" for any meaningful amount on the purchase of a gun in "excellent" firing condition for $100. He should enjoy shooting the gun. The serial number indicates 1958... more
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