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John J. Stimson, II
Model B - US
Wed Aug 29, 2018 09:43

Hello Carl,

All the government contract models were shipped to the War Department. Some of those guns were forwarded under lend least to England.

Your assumption that the guns were shipped or even assembled in serial number order is unfounded and in fact wrong. The Model B-US serial numbers do in fact overlap the serial numbers of the U.S.A. MODEL H-D. However there was a several month gap between the end of Model B-US shipments and the beginning of the U.S.A. MODEL H-D shipments.

Your serial number is listed as a model U.S.A. MODEL H-D going to the war department but I would speculate that your gun sis a doubled serial number which was not uncommon during the Wartime production. IT was also not uncommon that all guns were not entered into the log. Generally I suspect that before they changed to unit record type record keeping that are at least 4% open records. Serial numbers on the page for which there is no entry. Since I have been asked to research many of these open record serial numbers I would attribute these open records to poor clerical performance.

John Stimson

  • Hi Model B-USCarl Harris, Tue Aug 28 22:03
    Dear Mr. Stimson: I have acquired a Hi Standard model B, US Property marked on right frame, blue, 4.5 inch barrel, black plastic HS monogrammed grips,serial number 109732, property of US on top of... more
    • Model B - US — John J. Stimson, II, Wed Aug 29 09:43
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