Supermatic Citation M. 108
Wed Aug 29, 2018 16:29

Jim -

Thanks for the quick reply. The serial number on the slide is identical to the one on the frame (1060660). There is no other marking on the slide. The angle of the frame to the grip is the same as the angle on my Colt 1911 .45. Thanks again.


  • Supermatic CitationJames Gammel. Sr., Wed Aug 29 11:34
    Hello Paul, "You might also want to check the series number on the slide as the serial number is way too low for a 108 series." Or on the right side of the frame if it's a Military model version of... more
    • Supermatic Citation M. 108 — Paul Harold, Wed Aug 29 16:29
      • Supermatic Citation, 106 Series.James Gammel, Sr., Wed Aug 29 22:55
        Hello Paul, Received the photos, thanks for sending them. For purpose of this thread: It is a Model 106 Military Citation. Serial numbers do match on frame and slide. Serial Number is 1,860,660. It... more
        • H-S Citaion M. 106 militaryPaul Harold, Thu Aug 30 20:41
          Jim - Many thanks for your research and help on this H-S identification. The drilled and tapped holes were for a red dot which I have not used in several years; and yes, it came with red bottom... more
      • Supermatic CitationJames Gammel, Sr., Wed Aug 29 17:13
        Hello Paul, In your original post you said (copy and paste): "I have a Hi-Standard Supermatic Citation model 108 military, serial number 1860660" In your reply you say: "The serial number on the... more
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