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HiD Military 304,255
Sat Sep 1, 2018 21:05

Hello Lyn,

You've gotten off on the wrong foot already. 1) you didn't read and follow the forum guidance. 2) First and last names
(REAL) are required. Post again in THIS THREAD and maybe salvage your chance to get a reply that is more helpful.

DON'T ask for a value, like the guidance says, check The Blue Book of Gun Values. John never gives that unless he has personally seen the gun in question. No, Photos aren't good enough.

Doesn't matter who you got it from, just so it wasn't stolen and on the ATF's and FBI's wanted list or hot sheets.
shipped pre 1950, that's all I'll share. Read and follow the forum guidance.


  • HI-STANDARD H-D Military #304255Lyn, Sat Sep 1 14:18
    I'm researching our Uncle's gun that we've inherited and would like to know when this handgun was made and an approximate value: 22Cal. H-D Militay (LongRifle) HI-STANDARD Mfg Co serial number... more
    • HiD Military 304,255 — James Gammel, Sr., Sat Sep 1 21:05
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